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HTC 10 May Arrive with Android OS Only

HTC 10 May Arrive with Android OS Only

HTC is trying hard to revive their fortunes and the company is getting ready with their next flagship model. The makers may bring this model next month. A number of talks going on related to this gadget. Some other big makers are also planning to bring their next flagship model. Samsung is the top name in that list. We all know that their Galaxy “S” series is highly successful and company is planning to bring their next Galaxy S7 very soon into the marketplace. However it seems that HTC is not getting affected with the release of any other model. They have their own way to do the work and select the timeslot to release the model as per their convenience instead of the market conditions.

The Taiwanese company is planning to bring some new midrange model but their flagship model is certainly going to grab the eyeballs due to various reasons. Many specialists were suggesting that HTC is planning to bring their next flagship model with Windows operating system also but now it seems that the chances are almost negligible. If sources are to be believed then HTC is going to stick with Android OS only and they have no plans to bring the next flagship with Windows operating system.

We have seen before that HTC brought M8 with Windows operating system. Therefore many experts were hoping that company may alter their plan and they may bring HTC 10 with this platform. However this is not going to be the case. Company is not interested to change their plans and Android is going to be their favorite platform. Their total number of sales is expected to be the prime reasons due to which company is not changing the platform. It is a little surprising to see why many big specialists were hoping for the Windows edition of HTC 10. Makers didn’t bring the current flagship model with Windows operating system and still people were expecting that company is going to change their plans.

Many talks were already going on about the name of this model. Now it is almost certain that the gadget will be called as HTC 10 instead of HTC One M10. Company is looking to change their market situation this time and they are planning to start it with the name of the gadget. The latest teaser video by the company is also hinting the same.

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