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Apple Got the Patent to Bring Flexible iPhones and iPads

Apple Got the Patent to Bring Flexible iPhones and iPads

You may have heard before that Samsung is planning to bring flexible models in coming times. Now it seems that Apple is not interested to lag behind. Recently they got a number of patents and one of them will be the inclusion of flexible screen in upcoming times. The company is now working for a special flexible screen technology and we may see flexible models in coming years.

Currently it is impossible to imagine that a smartphone is possible to bend according to the requirements. We cannot think that many components available in smartphone can be moved from its current position as it can damage the device. However the same will not remain in future. A special patent called “Flexible Electronic Devices” will allow the makers to bend the internet related devices with ease. Apple got the patent and they will undoubtedly work on this section. We will see flexible OLED screen in coming times which may bring bendable models after some years.

Many reports are claiming that Apple is planning to bring iPhone models loaded with OLED screens in 2018. However it is not clear at present that company will bring flexible devices from that year itself or may take a few more years. Some specialists are saying that Samsung is planning to grab a deal with Apple to supply flexible screens. The fruit company may use the same screens to bring future iPhone models. There are reports that Apple has invested $7.47 billion to bring flexible gadgets. There are some other makers also who may deal with Apple to supply flexible screens. Some top names are LG, AU Optronics as well as Japan Display. These makers are already working with Apple to bring current iPhone models.

Some specialists are saying that these flexible devices will also have the added characteristics due to which it will get the protection from water. It can also stay protected during accidental fall. There are chances that we may see different kinds of flexible components in coming times. There can be flexible batteries and many other components in upcoming times. We may also see different kinds of gaming system. So the time is approaching fast when we will see new types of smartphone. Different makers will follow the same path to bring new things to their customers. This change may start from 2 to 3 years and most probably the whole industry may shift to a new era in next 6 years.

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