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Whatsapp now Withdraws Support from Some Platforms

Whatsapp now Withdraws Support from Some Platforms

Whatsapp is the biggest messaging platform of the world. This platform has gained a lot of popularity in recent times and millions of users utilize this platform for different purposes. This Facebook owned platform has recently announced that they are going to withdraw support from BlackBerry and Nokia by the end of this year. Some of the platforms through which Whatsapp is withdrawing support are BlackBerry 10, Nokia Symbian S60, Windows 7.1, and Android 2.1 as well as Android 2.2.

Whatsapp said that the support was available for some platform from 2009 onwards as BlackBerry OS and Symbian were the leading operating system. They were leading the market as 99% users were using these platforms. However the time has changed a lot now and these platforms do not have the market share now. Almost 99% of market share is now with Android new operating system, iOS, and Microsoft. It doesn’t look ghastly for Whatsapp as it appears natural that the platform would not support those OS who do not contribute to their sales chart.

Whatsapp is into the marketplace from last few years and they told that the journey was great so far. This platform said that they have to work continuously to provide better security features to their customers. It is among the prime reasons that company is going to support only the newest OS as they have the right security tools. They also told that these operating systems were great and they worked smoothly with all the platforms. However Whatsapp is changing with time and they are going to provide many new features to their customers. These platforms will now no longer support the new features of Whatsapp. Therefore Whatsapp is looking for a change because of it.

Now if we talk about the reality then it is appearing to be a little strange for the market. Whatsapp platform doesn’t need much memory on the device. It would have been better had they kept the support. It would not have been difficult for the platform to keep the support for at least the basic version. Now some users would not be able to use this facility as they will not get the required support. Now it seems that it is the direct message from Whatsapp to the users to shift to other versions of Android and iOS. Now there is no doubt that Google and iOS will try to take the advantage of it.

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