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iOS 9.3 Beta 5 and Public Beta 5 Now Available

iOS 9.3 Beta 5 and Public Beta 5 Now Available

This is certainly good news for many iOS users. It seems that Apple is planning to speed it up and they are avoiding the release of beta mobile software once in two weeks. The fruit company has taken just a week after iOS9.3 Beta 4 to bring Public Beta 5 and iOS 9.3 Beta 5. This version is available for public testers and registered developers and this development is unquestionably going to be functional for many people. This download is available through OTA. So you need not have to use the PC or Mac to use the same.

Many specialists are suggesting that the new version will be useful for those people who want to use Apple Pencil on their iPad Pro. This version is expected to appear in polished form. Moreover the news edition can work in a stable manner. The blue screen-tinting nightshift mode by Apple will be the key point of iOS 9.3 beta. It will have a tweaked sign and toggle implementation is going to be much easier than before.

There are some people who may not be interested to download the unfinished edition of new iOS 9.3. They can wait for a few more days to get the final version of new edition. However if you are among those who like using beta edition to check the upcoming functionalities thoroughly then you can surely download it. The size of the package is 159MB. Some reports are saying that the final edition is expected to arrive within next few days. The new month has already been started and we are aware of the launch of iPhone5SE and iPad Air 3. Therefore it will not be a surprise if company brings the edition along with the launch of these two gadgets.

The new iOS 9.3 is expected to have very useful characteristics. This new edition will not only provide more security to the gadget but it can also include a number of new features. If sources are to be believed then the gadget will have a fresh display with enhanced characteristics of nightshift mode. This version can also provide new shortcuts for 3D Touch and the users would be able to utilize PDF documents more comfortably. Apple is going to organize a special event this month. Therefore we may see the new version this month along with two new gadgets.

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