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Xiaomi and OnePlus Working with Microsoft

Xiaomi and OnePlus Working with Microsoft

There are some reports that some new smartphone makers are collaborating with Microsoft to bring some new devices for their customers. Xiaomi is the first name in this section. Some rumors are suggesting that Xiaomi is working with Microsoft to bring a special edition of Mi5 that will work with Windows 10 operating system. Currently there is no official statement for the same but a lot of talks are giving a hint that the Chinese makers are working with Microsoft Corporation to bring a new produce.

Some industry experts are also suggesting that Xiaomi is keen to work with Microsoft to bring a custom Windows 10 Mobile ROM. It can be very similar to Mi4 but at this stage it is tough to authenticate the details of this report. There are chances that we may see two different editions of Mi5. The first edition will be based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system while other will be based on Windows 10. If Xiaomi collaborate with Microsoft for ROM then it will be very interesting to see the response of the market. We all know that the share of Android and iOS is the biggest in market. So there are chances that most of the users may not like to shift to Windows.

Many experts are also saying that OnePlus may also collaborate to Microsoft to bring something new for their customers. Some gossips are giving a clue that OnePlus 2 as well as OnePlus 3 are going to work with a custom Windows 10 ROM. Currently neither Microsoft nor OnePlus have said anything about it but many specialists are not ruling out the chances. OnePlus got moderate success into the market due to their selling policy. They send invites to grab the product and every potential buyer does not get the product at the time of requirement. Recently company informed through a press conference that they are looking to “improve their buying procedure”.

There is no doubt that some Xiaomi and OnePlus users may find the report exciting as it will give them to experience a new thing. Both the companies may get many new buyers through this method. However it seems that if these deals happen then Microsoft Corporation will be the biggest gainer among the three brands. This can certainly help Microsoft to increase their market share as the Windows OS users are less in comparison to Android and iOS.

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