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Samsung to Bring 256GB Storage Chip

Samsung to Bring 256GB Storage Chip

It seems that the time is approaching fast when you need not have to decide which data you can keep on your smartphone and which you cannot. Samsung recently unveiled their 256GB storage chip and it will help you to store a huge amount of data. This storage chip has been designed exclusively for smartphone where UFS 2.0 Standard will allow accessing the device with incredible speed.

Experts are saying that the new storage chip will help enhancing the speed at least twice. This speed will be incredible for mobile devices. This storage capacity may line-up in premium section and we may see it in flagship model. Now another best thing is that the size of the chip will be smaller than the current chips. This upcoming chip can also help to enhance the writing as well as reading operations.

Some people may think that it may not be a big thing as there are numerous storage options available. However a separate storage chip will surely help you to access the data comfortably. You need not have to check different things to get the data. The data can be checked more easily than other alternatives. Now the previous generation UFS memory may be a thing of past and better option may arrive very soon. There is no doubt that UFS memory of Samsung is much better than other competitors. Some companies including Apple have used the flash memory of Samsung in previous iPhone models. This tells a lot about Samsung’s UFS memory.

Many experts are saying that the new storage chip by Samsung can execute chronological reads at up to 850MB/s. This speed is undoubtedly jaw dropping as we haven’t seen it before in any mobile device. You would be able to watch any kind of video on your device without any issue. Currently Samsung is not saying anything when the memory chip will be available and which devices can have this storage capacity. However most of the people are saying that the ‘Note’ series can be the first to receive this chip. So most probably Samsung Galaxy Note 6 can be the first to receive this update. This is certainly a big step by South Korean giant and initially it can be a tough thing for others to compete with them. You may remember that Samsung brought 128GB UFS memory last year. Company did an incredible thing by increasing the capacity within such a short span of time.

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