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LG G5 Will Have Some New Features

LG G5 Will Have Some New Features

LG models are now more popular than before and they are specially paying attention towards their premium series. LG G5 is their upcoming flagship model. Company is getting ready to bring it into the marketplace very soon. They will reveal this model at MWC event on February 21st.

Recently the makers showed a teaser about a new feature through Facebook post. It gave a small outline about this feature as it says “always ON”. Other makers usually offer display on stand-by mode. Currently it is not clear whether the screen of LG G5 will stay ON all the time or not. Perhaps it may be some other feature. Company kept the things under wraps which is going to be unveiled only at the time of launch.

There are chances that the teaser is talking about the display characteristics. Experts are saying that the screen may remain ON all the time. However it is too early to predict anything at this point of time. If this is the feature which LG is going to bring, then it may be a little different from others. However this feature may not be enough to convince the potential buyers. People will surely like to check the battery capacity and connectivity features. Furthermore price tag is also going to play a big role here.

Company is trying a lot to expand its market reach by bringing some influential characteristics. However they still have to do a lot of work to increase their sales figure. This model is surely going to face a tough challenge from Samsung Galaxy flagship models. Samsung is also bringing their new ‘S’ series model. It will be interesting to see how LG is going to face the competition from Samsung as the latter is also going to include some unique features. There will also be a Quick cover case that will permit the users to include touch gestures to the screen. This case will have a mesh design. It seems that company tried to pick this feature from HTC One M8 model. These are some features which can make LG G5 a good choice for many people. Company knows that Samsung models are grabbing the attention. Therefore they are trying their best to make their own space. This type of competition is going to make the launch hotter and people are getting interested to see these new functions. There are still a few days left for MWC event. We may see some new related announcements during this time.

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