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iPhone5se to Come in Three Colors

iPhone5se to Come in Three Colors

Apple is now further extending its iPhone series and there are talks that company may bring new iPhone model next month. This model is expected to have a 4 inch screen which company may unveil along with iPad Air 3 on March 15th. Company may call it as ‘iPhone5se’ and it can come in three colors.

Some leaked reports are saying that the gadget may arrive in Space Gray, Silver, and Pink color. The appearance of Pink color model is going to be different from Rose Gold model. Company is going to keep Rose Gold exclusively for iPhone6S. Many may think that the color of Rose Gold model is going to be similar to pink but this is not going to happen. They may add some more colors in future. The design of this model is another point to check. Many experts are saying that the gadget is expected to be very similar to iPhone5S.

The gadget is expected to arrive next month as company may launch it on March, 15th. Now as per some leaked information the gadget can have a curved cover glass and Touch ID. This smartphone can have A9 processor and the model can have an 8MP rear camera. There can also have some supportive features like Siri activation support, Apple Pay, and big storage capacity. The gadget is surely going to be influential as you can use many good features here. The screen-size is going to be less this time which can a new experience to the users. This will be the first time that company is going to bring an iPhone with relatively smaller screen-size than before.

You may have seen iPod Touch. Some specialists are saying that iPhone5se may have most of the features similar to this gadget. The secondary camera of this model can be of 1.2MP. This gadget can have some brilliant connectivity options like NFC, Bluetooth 4.2 as well as the newest Wi-Fi options. This year we are going to see different types of gadgets by Apple. New iPhone can come at the end of the year apart from iPhone 5se. Moreover the next edition of iPad can also come this year. It is almost certain that the new iPhone5se is going to be faster than iPhone5s. The processor is superb and it can give an admirable outcome every time. So the gadget is arriving very soon. If you are looking for a powerful smartphone then iPhone5se can be a good choice.

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