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How to Disable the Directory Listing of your WordPress Blog with the Plugin

Disable Directory Listing of WordPress Blog with Plugin

Sorry for not posting for last few days, As I was out of town and didnt got time to update my blog. Today I brought the solution of limiting the File Permissions of WordPress.

WordPress is the best Blogging platform with the lot of features like SEO Friendly & Plugins to customize. But WordPress dont have good security. Hacking of WordPress Blog is common these Days. So you should follow every possible way to add security to your Blog. One of the best way to improve security is to limit the File Permissions of your WordPress Blogs. Some of the Famous Blogs Like ShoutMeLoud are vulnerable. Have a Look at www.*******.com/wp-includes. Not only SML, but most of the wordpress blogs face this serious issue. You have to Disable your Directory Listing to improve security.

You can check your Blog security by Browsing the Directories like www.yoursite.com/wp-includes/. But now you can limit the File Permissions with a Disable Directory Listings Plugin

Installation and Configuration of Plugin

1. Download the Disable Directory Listing Plugin.

2. Login to your Dashboard. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New.

3. Upload the Plugin and Activate It.

4. Go to the Settings of Plugin. By Default the Following Directories are Protected


Now your Blog is Secure. There exists many methods to Disable the Directory Listing in your WordPress Blog, but I found adding the plugin is easy way to remove this issue as you dont have to mess with the codes in .htaccess file.

So how many of you are still to limit your File Permissions of your WordPress Blog.


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