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5 Household Items Your Smartphone Can Replace

5 Household Items Your Smartphone Can Replace

With how advanced technology is these days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that random household items are slowly losing its value. Take smartphones as an example. These have become more than just a tool to make calls and send texts. It is now a multifunctional device with almost everything that you need.

Here are 5 household items that are soon to be extinct thanks to your smartphone.

  1. Flashlight

When it is hurricane season, it’s crucial to have a flashlight prepared but because we don’t always find a need for them and these are stored for long periods of time, dead batteries are a problem. In the event of an emergency, there’s just simply no time to run to the store for batteries. In comes your handy dandy smartphone! With so many flashlight apps for iOS and Android, using your phone as a flashlight has become a convenience. We always keep our smartphone charging anyway so this is a reliable back up for when your flashlight’s batteries have run out. Best to keep a portable smartphone charger ready for prolonged power outages. There’s nothing worse than smartphone battery troubles when you need it the most.


  1. Alarm Clock + Calendar

No need for noisy wall clocks or paper calendars! Your smartphone already has these incorporated into its system. If that’s not enough for you, there are a lot of apps you can easily download. What’s even better is that some calendar apps allow you to integrate your calendar from Gmail, iCloud and Social Media. You can literally have a list of all your important meetings, events and birthdays in the palm of your hands. No need to get a piece of paper to jot down an important event, your smartphone has got you covered.


  1. Universal Remote

Some homes may have 5 different remotes in their living room: one for the TV, another for the DVD, one for the radio, one for cable TV and another for the air conditioning. If you have little patience like me, then you’d know how much of a godsend a universal remote is. With just one device, you can access almost every appliance in the room. No need to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond to get a universal remote because you can download one with your smartphone. In just a few seconds, you’ll be able to control every device in your home all while sending an SMS on your phone.

  1. Baby Monitor

You may need a spare phone for this but if you do, you can use an old iPhone as a baby monitor. With so many apps in the market, you could turn any smartphone into the most important device to ensure your child’s safety. You can program your app to detect noise and movement or even view your child remotely with the smartphone’s camera. Not only did you save money on purchasing a baby monitor, you’ve also given use to an old smartphone that was gathering dust in your bed side drawer.


  1. TV

“Using your smartphone as a TV? No way!”

Well, it’s true! With so many streaming apps that you can easily download with a fee, you can turn your smartphone or even your tablet into a TV. Want to watch an NBA game but there’s no TV around? Whip out your smartphone, connect to your mobile data and you’ll be able to access dozens of channels at your fingertips.


With all these household items your smartphone has replaced, it is no wonder why gadgets have become such valuable and necessary items. If you are dependent on your mobile phone like most people are, then the best way to guarantee its safety is investing in gadget insurance. Free yourself from worries with typical mobile phone issues like “dropped phone in water”, “phone won’t turn on” or “phone overheating.” For iPhone users, save yourself from the Apple warranty check. Try out protect-o.com for your gadget insurance needs.


What other household items has your mobile phone replace? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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