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Get Rid Of Unwanted Social Apps By Using MyPermissions

Get Rid Of Unwanted Social Apps By Using MyPermissions

There are so many social networks to follow, and so is the number of apps we use to integrate one web services to another. Since the time you’ve joined Facebook or any other social network, you might not be even aware about the number of apps and websites you are using within the hides of these social networks. But as per security concerns, apps used within these social networks steals our personal information.

So how to prevent that?

Frankly speaking, if you want to use a particular app, you’ve to compromise your personal information. You have to let the apps access your information. But there’s no harm in boosting up our security by removing the unwanted ones. Isn’t it? Not only Facebook, every other social network including Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and services like DropBox, Instagram, Flickr uses some kind of apps to inter-connect one web service to another.

Now we can follow the old school method by visiting the security menu of each social network and can get rid of as many as web services we can. But with the increased number of social networks and since the time we are using, even we don’t know how many such apps and websites we might be using? So here’s a service, using which users can get rid of the unwanted apps and websites via a single click. Here’s how to do that?

  • Visit MyPermissions.org
  • Now click on the buttons to visit the particular social network to delete the unwanted apps and websites.
  • A single click from MyPermissions will directly take you to the particular apps and websites menu(which simply cut down the time you might have used to done the same task manually), where all the apps and websites used by a user are listed. Now you can easily sort out the unwanted ones and can delete it too.

Follow the same method for other social networks and web services too.

Amazed by the number of web services and apps you are using? Well, it’s time to get rid of them easily. My Permissions is a recommended tool not only to get rid of those uncountable apps stealing your personal information, but the way it cuts down the time to get the job the done is simply worth appreciating.

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