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How To Add Facebook Like Box in your Website

As you all know Social Media plays a Huge Role in Blog Traffic, so its important for everyone to add Facebook Like Box to your Website. The Biggest Advantage of doing so is that, it can gain you more Likes & will show that you are active in Social Media. You can see our Facebook Like Box at the Sidebar.

How To Add Facebook Like Box in your Website

But most of the Bloggers dont know how to Add Facebook Like Box to there Blog or Website. If you are one of those, you can follow the steps mentioned below to Add Facebook Like Box.

Simple Steps to Add Facebook Like Box

1. Login to your Facebook Account & Navigate to your Facebook Fan Page.

2. Click on this Link to go to Developers Section.

3. Edit the Fields in the box. See the Screenshot Below


(a) Facebook Page URL– Enter URL of your Facebook Fan Page.

(b) Width– Set the Width of your Facebook like Box, 292 is the Default value.

(c) Height– Set the Height of the your Facebook Like Box, if you want the Normal height, just leave it blank.

(d) Color Scheme– You can customize the color of the box. You can choose two colors, Light or Dark.

(e) Show Faces– Check or Uncheck this option according to your needs. Showing Faces in the Box is preffered.

(f) Border Color– You can set the border color here. Fill the Color like “Blue”, “Black” etc.

(g) Stream– Check or Uncheck it according to your need.

(h) Show Header– You can remove “Find us on Facebook” present in the Header. You can check or uncheck it according to your need.

4. After all, Click on Get Code. Copy the IFRAME code. See the Screenshot Below.

Facebook Like Box Plugin Code

5. Paste this code, where you want the Facebook Like Box To Appear. In our case, we placed it at the Blog Sidebar.

After Adding the Code in the Site, it take 5 minutes to Activate. Clear your Blog Cache & Refresh the Page. After few minutes you will be able to see the Facebook Like Box in your Site.

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