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8 Tips to Increase Comments on the Blog

8 Tips to Increase Comments on the Blog

Do you write regularly on Blog and gets no Comments on Posts? Well that’s not only your problem, but most of the Blogs in the Blogosphere are suffering from less comments. In my other blogs, I have Effectively Increased the Comments by following some tips.

As Comments shows the popularity and active nature of blog, so it’s important to increase comments on your Blog. According to reader reviews, 90% of the Reader are too lazy to comment on post, 10% only comment. But following some tips which I will be explaining below, helps in Increasing Blog Comments.

Effective Ways to Increase Comments on Blog

1. Gain Traffic

You must try to gain good traffic to your Blog and then think of Increasing Blog Comment. Without Traffic you can’t follow the steps to Increase Comments. This is the most important step and you can’t skip it.

2. Write Quality Content

Its always said that Content is King. You should write posts with 100% Real Content. Introducing Real content to the Readers will gain you traffic and high Search Engine Rankings. By writing Real Content, your readers will be forced to leave comment on your post. This will increase your Blog Comments.

3. Request for Commenting

One of the best ways to get more comments is to invite the readers to comment. Always ask for suggestions and questions at the end of every post. If the article you wrote was really wonderfull, then the Reader will be forced to leave the Comment. Remember, always ask questions at the end of the post.

4. Add a Top Commentator Widget

If you failed in all three best strategies mentioned above, you can add top commentator widget in the Sidebar. Your Commentators will comment more and more to get themself included in List of Top Commentators. The second advantage is that you can keep traffic glued to your Blog. This may not be that satisfactory but its worth trying.

Let me know your Results

5. Reward your Commentators

Rewarding your Commentators is the viral way to increase comments. Rewarding can attract those commentators too who don’t like to leave a Comment. For ex you can offer Premium Softwares, Premium Themes for free to the person with the highest Comments. This will increase Comments on your Blog. And sometimes it goes too viral.

6. Make your Blog Dofollow

I hope most of you will be following this step but still there are some Bloggers who don’t own a Dofollow Blog. DoFollow means removing the nofollow attribute from blog. Commenting on Dofollow blog will gain commentator a Backlink. So it can be one of the viral methods to make the blog dofollow.

7. Respond to Comments

If you are serious in increasing your blog comments, then you should respond to every comment on your Blog. It shows the readers that you are active and paying attention and respecting the Comments Left by Readers.

8. Install Usefull Plugins

Dofollow Plugin – This plugin for wordpress will remove the nofollow tag from all the Comments.

CommentLuv – With this plugin, every comment left on your blog automatically includes a snippet and link back to Commenter’s most recent post.

Top Commentators Widget – It is a Sidebar widget to show the top commentators in your WP Site.


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