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Next iPhone 7 Model may Arrive in Two Version

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

We still have a long time to get the details of the next iPhone. However some details are emerging out which may excite many users about this model. There are some reliable sources who are working from many years now provided some details. Specialists close to the industry are saying the gadget may arrive in two versions. The two versions iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus may be the two upcoming models and iPhone 7 Plus is expected to have dual rear camera setup.

The last two years of iPhone models give a clear idea that Apple may bring the model in two versions this year. These two models may vary in screen-size and camera. The first model can have a 4.7 inch screen while the second model can have a bigger 5.5 inch screen. Most of the characteristics of the camera are going to be related to the company directly. One model is expected to have a unique dual rear iSight camera which is going to be available for the bigger version.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will have some valuable features like wireless charging, built-in Touch ID and touchscreen display. The chassis are going to be redesigned this time as the model is the new version of iPhone and not the ‘S’ series. There are some other useful characteristics like bokeh effects and variable focus. Some reports are also claiming that all the models may not have these features. Company may link these offers to premium section to reduce the burden of production. Most probably dual-setup camera is not going to be attached with every model.

This may be the first time that company may attach some features to the premium section. The new features are expected to be attached with 25 to 35 percent models. There are no official reports about the release. However some reports have claimed that the gadget is expected to be launched in September, 2016. Apple is continuously bringing some new features every time. This year may be a little different from the previous editions.

Users may get new features but some of them may be attached to the premium section. Processor is certainly going to be upgraded and the model is going to be thinner this time. Company may include water-resistant and dust-resistant features which can be very helpful for everyone. Some leaked reports are saying company has finalized the basic design and the work for expanding the features may start very soon.

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