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How To Promote Affiliate Products (Marketing) Without any Website

Promote Affiliate Products (Marketing) Without any Website

You will be following every single method to monetize your Blog but let me tell you Affiliate Marketing is the best way to get huge earnings from your Blog. Most of the Blogging main income comes from Affiliate Marketing.

You as a Blogger may be making your best to get huge Affiliate Sales from your Blog. But this is not over, you can even make Affiliate sales without a Blog. This will help in maximizing your Affiliate Earnings. This will also be benefited to those who are into Affiliate Marketing but do not have a Website.

Follow these steps to promote your Affiliate Products without a Website.

1. Forums Discussion

Just do some google search and you will find various high PR Forums. Just signup with the forums related to your Product and start Posting. Once you register with them, set up your signature where you will add your Name & Affiliate Links.

Start Posting Threads, Commenting and Answering the Members Questions. Write or Leave a Valuable Suggestion or Reply and dont try to promote your product in the body of post. Your Signature link will do all the work that you want. Try to be more active, once you gain a tag of Reputed member, other viewers will start trusting you & you can easily maximize your earnings.

2. Write More and More Articles

This is the best way to get huge loads of traffic to your Affiliate Products. You have to write well keyword optimised posts and decent article to bring traffic to the article and then to your Affiliate Product. The Best & High PR Article Directories are

1. EzineArticles

2. ArticleBase

3. GoArticles

4. EHow

5. ArticleDashBoard

Writing Article with 350-400 words is enough. Try to add a catchy Title, if your Title is not a catchy one, it wont gain any user attention, means nobody will read your article, which means No Sales. Add your Affiliate Links in the Author Box, below the post.

3. Social Networking

Social Networking not only accounts for tons of traffic, but is also responsible for bringing lots of exposure. No doubt Facebook & Twitter rules the Social Networking World. You can promote your Affiliate Products by including your Affiliate Links via status in Facebook & Twitter. You can maximize your Earnings if you have huge Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes.

4. Advertise on Blogs

Advertising your Affiliate Products on Blogs with tons of Traffic can easily boost your Sales. More Traffic = More Sales. You can buy 125*125 Ad Space on the Sidebar of Blog. You can easily purchase the Ad Space for $20 and can place the Banner on the Sidebar. This can easily make you $150-$200 per month by just investing $20 for Ad Space. So try to Advertise more and more about your Affiliate Products on other Blogs by buying there Advertise Space.

These tips are so effective that they boost your Affiliate Earnings without any need of Website.

If you follow any other method to promote affiliate products without any website, do share with us and our Readers.

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