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How to use your Voice in Blogging

With increasing awareness of the benefits of writing blogs and internet content more and more people are starting to write them. They know that once they have a lot of following and readers for their blogs, it can be of great impact. Famous blogs like that of Paris Hilton or that of a popular actress in China, Xu jinglei are said to have fifty million views. Also by writing a blog that reflects what you really want and is expressive and wonderfully crafted can make the readers hear your voice .The blogger Tucker Max wrote and published his book online on his blog that made it to New York Best seller whereas the blog of Julie Powell that gained immense popularity and recognition due to her clarity and fluency of thoughts, was in fact adapted in to movie named Julie & Julia.

How to use your Voice in Blogging

How to make your voice heard in your column is not as difficult as it sounds. But one must remember that only a blog that makes the reader connect to what you really are saying is worth reading and that is precisely what makes the blog successful.

Writing should be a Reflection

Whatever you write in your blogs, whatever is the subject that you choose to write about should be a reflection of who you really are. Many bloggers in the initial stage try to write what they think will attract the reader that is they are intentionally writing content with regard to what the readers will feel interested in. This is wrong. The reason being that with so many blogs over the internet and with so much content to read, many avid readers will see this as fake and not interesting when compared with an original one. Therefore if you plan to write a blog then you should be honest and write what really matters to YOU and not what matters to the readers. Reading something that is unexpected and unconventional will make them more interested and more prospective towards your next blog.

Its your way or Highway

Your blog is yours to command. Don’t be in bounded rationality that you have to worry about semantics or the grammar of your English. Feel free and write without any restrictions to what you should and what you shouldn’t do. Most of the time we are under pressure from our societal forces and the taboos we fear, for the reaction of the society and thus feel bound to norms. This is true in individualistic countries.

Write what you Know

You should always write what you know about. This will enable you to write more and better. When writing about things that you are familiar with, you can even give it the tone you wish. Touching topics that are unfamiliar will only leave you with stating facts and general comments about it that can be found elsewhere on the internet as well. To make anything sound sarcastic, angry or funny and ensure originality it is best that you know much about it to craft it in your voice so well that everyone reading it enjoys it and even recommends it.

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