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Best Android Camera Apps List – Top 5 Camera Apps (Android)

Today we are going to talk about the best Android camera apps; and at the end of this post you will be presented with the top 5 camera apps for Android phones. The mobile world was introduced to the camera phone a few years ago. We went from VGA camera, then 1.3 megapixel camera, and now some of the latest camera-focused smartphone is offering 12 megapixel camera! Same goes to Android smartphones.

This trend has brought new photography lovers, especially those who love to take pictures from the moments of their life; whenever, wherever. With the increase of interested people, of course Android apps developers wants to give the best Android camera apps for all Android lovers.

Therefore, checkout the list of best Android camera apps right after the break! Please do remember that the list is not meant to rank them; since basically some of the best Android camera apps offers a unique features that other top camera apps don’t.

Best Android Camera Apps – Top 5 Camera Apps for Android

Best Android Camera Apps List – Top 5 Camera Apps (Android)

List of Best Android Camera Apps – Top 5 Camera Apps for Android

  • Best Android Camera Apps #1: Retro Camera

As the name suggest, the best Android camera apps will give the retro feeling to your pictures. The top camera apps Retro Camera has several old school features, which will allow you to make pictures that looks like from the good old days. Some highlights of this best Android camera apps are 5 different film effects, and this Retro Camera will make your picture as if it’s coming from the old Little Orange Box, Pinhole Camera, FudgeCan and Xolaroid 2000. What’s more, it is a free app for Android phone! So what are you waiting for?

  • Best Android Camera Apps #2: Camera360 Free (by PinGuo Inc.)

Camera360 Free is a feature-packed top camera app for Android, since it has SIX different camera modes. There are also many effects provided in each camera mode, including LOMO, Art of Black and White, Retro, Back to 1839. You get Normal Mode, Tilt-Shift Mode, Funny Mode, Scenery Mode, Effect Mode, and Color-Shift Mode. I really like this Android camera app, and I suggest you try it too!

  • Best Android Camera Apps #3: Camera Fun Free

This best Android Camera apps called Camera Fun Free is a free Android camera app that offers simplicity. A true point and shoot camera app for Android devices. With the free version of the Camera fun free for Android you get six effects, including Color X-Ray, Mirror, Sketch, Sepia, and Canvas. On the other hand, if you don’t mind spend some money to try one of the top camera apps for Android, you might want to go with the Pro version of Camera Fun Free. The difference between the free and pro version is that the pro version offers an additional 23 effects. One of the interesting stuffs about this best Android camera apps is that you are able to preview the result even before snapping the photo.

  • Best Android Camera Apps #4: FxCamera

FxCamera is yet another simple and best Android camera apps available for you. The FxCamera might not have all the complex features, but it delivers great photos. The point and shoot Android camera app excels in its camera filters software. There are several effects available, and those includes ToyCam, SymmetriCam, FishEye, Warhol,  and Polandroid.

  • Best Android Camera Apps #5: Little Photo

What makes the Little Photo enter this short list of Best Android Camera Apps is that it allows you to apply several different effects on the same photo. However, you won’t get the preview-before-snap like the Camera Fun Free does. There are a lot of effects that you can combine. Well, basically this is a great top camera apps for creative Android phone users!

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