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HTC Desire T7: Upcoming Affordable Tablet

HTC Desire T7 Upcoming Affordable Tablet

HTC is going to expand their ‘Desire’ series and now they are going to bring the new tablet under this segment. Company is now going to bring the first ‘Desire’ tablet into the marketplace. The model number of this tablet is HTC IV5001-A. This tablet is going to be the entry level tablet by the company which can be beneficial for those who are looking for a budget tablet.

Specialists are saying that the details emerged through GFXBench site. It provided some details about the specifications. The letter ‘T’ in the name is for tablet whereas 6.9 inch screen tells about ‘7’ in the name. HTC Desire T7 will have a 6.9 inch screen and the gadget can have the screen-resolutions of 720*1280 pixels. The gadget will be based on Android 5.0 operating system whereas the model can have OpenGL ES 2.0 API in this tablet.

The memory capacity of this tablet is going to be 0.9GB and you can get the internal storage of 13GB. Front and back camera of this tablet is going to be of 4.8MP with the resolutions of 2592*1952 pixels. It may FHD video with the power of 1920*1088 pixels. It is going to be an entry level tablet. Therefore most probably it will not have HDR photo facility. However you can get autofocus, face detection, and touchfocus. The tablet can have a dual-core GPU and 1.3GHz quad-core CPU.

HTC is planning to show the model in MWC 2016 which is going to start on February 22nd, 2016. There are some reports that HTC may not bring their flagship model next month as they still have to finish the related projects. Therefore they are first planning to bring this mid-range tablet along with some other models also. HTC Desire T7 can have 1GB of RAM and you can utilize 16GB of internal storage capacity. There are some handy connectivity options like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

There are no official announcements so far. However many experts are saying that the gadget is expected to be around $170 only. It is a little surprising to see why HTC is not paying attention towards the high-quality models. Currently they are facing some testing times. Some experts are saying that company has so far not taken any concrete step to come out from the situation. So if you are looking to purchase just an economical tablet then check HTC Desire t7 after some days. It may be sufficient enough for many people.

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