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Complete Analysis of HP Spectre X2

HP Spectre X2

HP is well-known for their good quality laptops and desktops. They are the leader of this field and they have proved it many times. Recently they brought HP Spectre X2 into the marketplace and it is competing with the best in its segment. It is like a hybrid PC which can give the good result if you are looking for a machine capable to work as a tablet and a laptop. The popularity of these kinds of laptops has increased a lot in recent times. People like these kinds of machine as it gives them flexibility to use as per the convenience. Moreover they need not have to carry different gadgets. Therefore it is a big plus for many users as they can save their money also. Many makers understand this thing and HP is known to bring good models in this section.

HP Spectre X2 is now available and many specialists have the opinion that it can compete directly with Microsoft Surface Pro models. The slim and sturdy design of this laptop is undoubtedly beneficial as you can carry it anywhere with ease. You may have seen Microsoft Surface Pro models. They have some good functions but the main thing here is the price tag. Many people may not prefer it due to the price as it starts from $899 in The USA. However HP Spectre X2 can be a good alternative if you are not looking to invest a big amount right now. It starts from $799 only which can be a big relief for many users.

This machine has a powerful Intel Core m7 CPU along with 256GB SSD. You can use 8GB of RAM. The design of this 2-in-1 gadget is attractive. Black, Silver and Gray combination undeniably grab eyeballs. Therefore if you are looking for a stylish tablet along with laptop then HP Spectre X2 can be a great choice. The weight of this machine is just 1.87 pounds if you detach the keyboard. The dimensions are 11.81*8.23*0.31 inches. Therefore it is a thinner model and can be good a choice for travelers. Keyboard is of top quality here as you can see that typing words are much comfortable than other machines. The exteriors are soft and you can use a solid metal deck inside. Touchpad of this model is also superb as you can utilize it comfortably without reducing your working speed.

The 12 inch display with the resolutions of 1920*1080 pixels is supportive for many people. HP has intelligently designed the machine so that it can give practical results for tablet as well as laptop users. There are two slick innovative reversible USB Type C-ports designed in a unique way. Therefore you can attach other devices with the machine without any difficulty. There are three cameras in HP Spectre X2. The front section has a 5MP camera and there is also a RealSense 3D camera paired with an additional 8MP camera. Intel HD Graphics 515 is available to give stunning outputs. The only thing is that the model does not have a good battery life. It is only the downside of this device. However it seems that HP is getting ready to win the race here as they are providing good models at a reasonable price.

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