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9 reasons – Why should you go for WordPress premium themes

9 reasons – Why should you go for WordPress premium themes

WordPress is the most famous and widely used blogging platform in the Universe. Many giant business houses are using WordPress as their content management system. Main reason is that, it is very easy to use and greatest customizations available.

If you are new to blogging, google for ‘free WordPress themes’, you will get thousands of resources. Then, you may wonder why some people are going for premium themes as thousands available without any price. Well, it’s a reasonable question to ask.

Free themes are enough if you are a beginner to WP and don’t have money to spend for premium themes. But it may have its own limitations and disadvantages. There are several reasons why corporates as well as experts prefer premium to free themes.

1) Quality

Clean and stylish look of a website or blog will attract more readers. Premium themes have been developed by web designing companies or professionals. They will have separate staffs for HTML, CSS coding, SEO, PHP and Java programming. This professional approach enables the company to produce unique, world class template for their customers.

2) Customization

Unlike free themes, Premium users will get excellent customization options in their admin panel. You can change almost anything in the theme without playing with codes. It will include header-footer contents, font, theme colour, logo, content layout, separate advt panel and more.

3) 24*7 Support

If there’s any problem with the implementation of a theme-

  • Free user- He should search for the solutions in web or online forums which may not be reliable. Free theme developers won’t give any guidance or if so it will be limited.
  • Paid user- He will get any time support from the theme developers. It may be through phone, email or premium support forum. Naturally, their issues will be solved very quickly and easily.

4) Security

As you know, WordPress is one of the main targets of the cyber criminals now a days. Most of the free themes are downloading from the unknown sources. It is very danger. Hackers can insert hacking scripts in code of the theme which will make you in trouble later. You can avoid such risks by downloading themes from WordPress free themes directory.

5) Updates

Premium themes are constantly updating to fix bugs. You only have to take a quick look around the WordPress Free Themes Directory to discover that many of the themes are out of date. And many of the newer themes will soon be out of date, given the passing of time.

Premium WordPress theme Developers always release updated version of their theme with support for latest version of WordPress.

6) Advanced features

This is competitive world, even in the case of WordPress too. There are several premium theme developers in the market. So they always try to introduce new features, more offers to their customers. This may include lifetime support, multiple themes at no additional cost and extensive documentation. Thus, premium users can enjoy super rich features without any burden.

7) SEO advantage

A theme framework and structure plays a major role in terms of SEO.A lot of free WordPress themes are created by amateurs who may not have deep coding knowledge, which can be detrimental to search engine optimization of your website. On the other hand, premium themes will have better tweaks for settings such as SEO than their counterparts.

8) Unique look

Compared to free themes, premium themes are less common. So they give a unique look to your business or blog. It’s very difficult to find themes like Mashable, USA Today etc., is it? Such unique themes will work like a logo of your company.

9) Theme ownership

Many of the free developers will ask you to leave their links, logos copyright informations on the template. Such contents may affect your business’s credibility. Some times it may contain malicious or spam links. It is difficult to identify such contents if you haven’t deep knowledge in coding.

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