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HTC to Bring Two Nexus Models This Year

HTC to Bring Two Nexus Models This Year

You may remember that HTC was the first company who brought Nexus devices into the marketplace. They brought HTC Nexus One some time back and after than the company brought a Nexus tablet which got a moderate success. Now HTC is getting ready to bring two Nexus devices this year.

It is not the official information but sources closed to the industry are saying that HTC is planning to bring two Nexus models this year. The financial records of HTC is not that much encouraging for the makers. However they are trying their best to come out from the dark phase and they are getting ready to bring some good models. It seems that upcoming HTC Nexus models are the part of it. Currently it has not been declared that when these two Nexus models are going to arrive but there are chances that we may see these devices anytime in 2016 only.

The reports were emerging through Weibo website few hours ago. The specifications of these models are not available at present. However some specialists are saying that the first model will have a 5 inch screen while the second is going to have a 5.5 inch screen. It seems that company will bank a lot on these two models to revive their fortunes. Their previous flagship models have faced a stiff competition with other makers and they are now trying to make their own space in mid-range section.

Now we already know that LG and Huawei are already bringing Nexus models in collaboration with Google. It will be interesting to see how HTC is going to perform in this space as the competition is already tough for them. It is among the prime reasons that experts are saying that HTC will bring these models based on the latest version of Android.

Currently other details of these models are not available but it seems that company will not take any chances this time. They are not new to Nexus. Therefore most likely they are going to design good models this time. We are just in the first month of 2016. Therefore it is tough to predict how this model is going to be different from LG and Huawei. Google did the partnership with some other makers also in the past for their Nexus models but this year it looks like HTC has bagged the deal. Although the reports are not confirmed by the makers, yet many experts feel that HTC can grab the agreement which can be supportive for them to come out from the testing period.

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