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Microsoft Ready to Bring Their Keyboard for iOS

Microsoft Ready to Bring Their Keyboard for iOS

Microsoft Windows models may not be that much popular than Android or iOS models. However it is very clear that many users like Windows phone for their keyboard. The word-flow keyboard is highly popular among users and it seems that company is getting ready to this keyboard for other platforms also.

The company is now looking to bring their virtual keyboard on iPhone also. They have asked Beta testers through email whether their world famous keyboard can work smoothly on iPhone or not. Many people like the functions of Microsoft keyboard more than other platforms due to its supportive functions. Microsoft has selected a few Beta testers at the beginning to check the functionality of their keyboard on iOS device. There are no official words about the release but they have chosen a few testers to find if the result is supportive or not.

One of the best functions about Microsoft keyboard is that users can easily haul their fingers across the keyboard to type the words. Therefore it becomes much easier for the people to type long sentences without any difficulty. You can also utilize emojis comfortably without switching menus. You may be aware of the related developments if you are using iOS devices. Apple started supporting third-party keyboards in 2014. However it was not that much successful at that time as people were getting mixed results. Now with the arrival of this keyboard iOS users can now enjoy some user-friendly functions.

Micorosft’s Word-flow keyboard has many beneficial functions. Some of them are autocorrect, swiping letters, and gestures. You can also get suggestions here to know the word. So we can say that it is undoubtedly an excellent keyboard with attractive looking facilities. The same functions are not available with other famous platforms due to which Microsoft keyboard has a little extra edge over others. If this keyboard comes on iOS then most of the people would surely like to use it. Most probably it will arrive around second quarter of this year.

Currently Microsoft is planning to bring it for iOS devices only. Later on they may also like to bring it on Android. However there are no details available at present about the same. Currently the testers are working for iOS version only. The policy of Microsoft is very clear. They are ready to bring their best features on other platforms also. It is certainly very useful for the people. You can get the best on your favorite device.

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