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Upcoming new LG Flagship Smartphone

Upcoming new LG Flagship Smartphone

It is not a long time when LG a premier model three months ago. You may have seen that company brought V10 model in October and it got a good response from the market. However it seems that the smartphone industry is working with a rapid pace now and companies are not taking more than 3 months to bring their new models. LG is now ready to show their flagship model LG G5 in MWC 2016 event as they have already sent the invites for the same. The official name of this flagship model has not been announced but it is almost certain that it will be called LG G5.

It is a little surprising for some experts as company didn’t take that much time to bring this model. LG brought their previous model G4 in April, 2015 and now the next model of same series is ready within 12 months. It is therefore very interesting to see how this upcoming model is going to be different from the current one. Now another thing is very clear that LG is now getting ready to compete with Samsung in this section as many industry experts are saying that the model by LG can give a direction competition to Samsung Galaxy S7.

Many specialists are talking about this model from some time now and some people feel that LG may bring a semi-modular design this time. Now it means that you can easily get a removable battery here which many companies are unable to bring this time. The prime reason is that most of the makers are interested to design a slim model and they are forced to include a non-removable battery which many people do not like. This time LG may bring the kind of model which will not only be slim but you can also remove battery with ease whenever you require.

Hardware, Design & Other Characteristics: – There are no authorized words about the specifications of this model. However most of the people believe that LG may use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in this model and it can also have a powerful Adreno 530 GPU for the users. It gives a clear idea that it will be a commanding model under its category and it can work with an incredible speed. Primary camera is going to be of 20MP with LED flash and OID facility whereas secondary camera can be of 8MP. The model is going to work with Android version 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. It can have and IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with the resolutions of 1440*2560 pixels. Screen-size can be 5.6 inches and pixel density is expected to be around 525 ppi. The internal capacity can be around 64GB and you may be able to add an additional microSD card of up to 200GB. RAM of this model can be around 3GB. Battery of this model is the thing to check. Some people are saying that it can have a 2800 mAh battery. Is it enough to use high-end features? Well, it is tough to say right now until we get the official details about it.

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