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Why Companies are Investing in Mobile, and Why You Should Too

You might have a mobile marketing platform, but you should increase your investment. Mobile marketing, now, has become the businessperson’s main industry utility. Mobile phones are everywhere, and consumers are constantly connected. In fact, 68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall strategy. More than ever, mobile media time has surpassed desktop and other media. At 51 percent usage, mobile access has become a vital tool for marketers and consumers.


Don’t “touch the wall” with mobile marketing and let the platform rest. Double down. The following reasons support the industry’s obsession with mobile marketing, and they should be considered by any decision maker serious about their brand.


Reason One: High Measurability

Reason One: High Measurability

Mobile marketing is incredibly measurable. Why? Because SMS campaigns, webmail app platforms and social media access, via wireless, are incredibly easy to track. Consumer reward programs, even loyalty programs, are modern marketing mainstays, and they’re all benefited by the smartphone’s incredibly traceable usage.


Full reporting programs, network delivery status and tracked sales all contribute to a marketer’s platform, ensuring every penny is used to its full potential.


Reason Two: Social Media Connection


A recent Forrester Research study reported an incredible 46 percent access statistic of United States smartphone users using social networking websites. The modern consumer loves social media, and they’re getting it through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Your mobile platform can take advantage of a typical “one post per week” scheme to skyrocket conversion. The same study reveals 49 percent of tablet owners and 46 percent of smartphone owners “like” company posts at least once per week. Social media’s flexibility surrounding consumer behavior, too, should be noted. It’s basically a free personality measurement platform, capable of linking valuable consumers directly to your page.

Reason Three: Full Integration with Email

Reason Three : Full Integration with Email

Mobile marketing isn’t just about social media engagement. It’s an incredibly viable integrated marketing tool. Many marketers consider email marketing to be the most popular route new customers take. In the United States, a majority of email messages are examined via mobile.


Mobile marketing’s incredible cross-platform capabilities make it more valuable:


  • 48 percent of online searches begin on mobile.
  • 33 percent of mobile searches begin on branded websites.
  • 26 percent of mobile research begins on branded apps.

Reason Four: Cross-Platform Combinations


As stated above, cross-market accessibility is easy when mobile marketing is implemented. It’s incredibly potent when achieving its full potential. Recent studies by Nielsen reveal a trend existing between mobile users and television watchers. Often, mobile users watch television at the same time, giving marketers the ability to strike instant conversions.


In fact, 14 percent of United States tablet owners and another 7 percent of smartphone owners fall into this statistic. They discuss television on social media via their devices, text about shows via their devices and research television-related information on their devices. Target these “marketing doorways” and your platform will succeed.


Reason Five: Landing Pages are Gaining Steam

Reason Five : Landing Pages are Gaining Steam

Mobile landing pages are quickly becoming the business world’s rival to banner advertisements. Landing pages carry elements popular to Internet users. They’re also navigable to mobile users. Click-to-call features, dropdown menus, Google Map directions and direct offers have made landing pages incredibly popular, and businesses are cashing in on them.


Check out this YouTube video on stellar landing page design.


Reason Six: Mobile Ad Spend


The future of mobile marketing is bright. Mobile device ad spend, eMarketer reports, will likely top $100 billion worldwide in 2016. So far, the biggest issue mobile marketers face is personal contact. Consumers might like customization, but they can be an incredibly private bunch. Fortunately, the smartphone’s constant design change remedies any lacking features. Customers don’t like intrusive feelings, and both technology and business providers are responding with flying colors.


The smartphone’s screen isn’t shrinking anymore, which is nice. The advent of the iPhone 6 might deliver a new era of screen sizes, enabling brand advertisements and connectivity options. While the world of mobile marketing can be tough at times, it still offers great utility for top innovators. Tap into paid social options, and reach target customers with a solid analytics program. While you’re at it, engage customers with education, rather than sales. They’re your buyers, after all. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you.

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