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New LG Optimus Zone 3 for Verizon to Arrive Soon

New LG Optimus Zone 3 for Verizon to Arrive Soon

Verizon is now getting ready to bring a new budget smartphone for their users. The device is going to be excellent for those are not very heavy users and they easily utilize most of the useful features through this model. One of the best things about this deal is that it is available for prepaid users. It is showing the changing trends of the market. We can find deals for postpaid users with ease but now company is paying attention towards prepaid users also. Verizon’s LG Optimus Zone 3 is good for those who are not willing spend a huge amount to get a new smartphone. It is may not be a path breaking deal but can be a tremendous choice for many people. It is the next edition of LG Optimus Zone 2 which came some time ago. So if you already own this device then it is the time now to upgrade it.

The screen-size of Verizon’s LG Optimus Zone 3 is bigger than the current model. The new model has 4.5 inch screen in whereas the current model has 3.7 inch screen. It will have a useful 1.1 GHz quad-core processor along with an expandable storage facility of up to 32GB. Camera is good enough at this price tag. You can utilize a 5MP rear camera and the front camera is of 2MP. Currently the capacity of the RAM is not clear. However experts suggest that it may have a 1GB RAM which is good enough for normal users. Moreover it can have a qHD resolution which is superb in this array.

We cannot expect some high level functions through this smartphone as it is a budget device. Company is using the latest Android Lollipop operating system here. There will not any annual contract here. So it can be highly beneficial for many people. Verizon is bringing some beneficial plans for their customers through this device. There will be three different plans here. You can get unlimited text as well as talk-time with $30 per month. Here you can access data with the help of Wi-Fi. The second deal of $45 per month will give you unlimited text and talk-time along with 1GB of Data whereas $60 per month will give you the access of 3GB of data along with unlimited talk-time along with text. So if you are looking for an economical entry level smartphone then this model can be the correct selection.

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