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Top iPhone7 Rumors

Top iPhone7 Rumors

We still have some time to get the glimpse of the next iPhone model but a lot of talks are going on for this model as we can see some changes now. So far it is not clear how many models will release this time but some details are emerging about the specifications. Here we are talking about some related details of the models.

Headphone: – Many industry experts are saying that headphone is going to change this time and we may see some changes in this section. We have seen that company has used a 3.5 mm headphone jack in current model but this may change from upcoming models. Many sources are indicating that company may not include headphone jack this time. If this information is true then we do not have any doubt Apple is getting ready to show some major hardware changes this time. It can have headphones this time which we would be able to connect with lightening charging port. Some rumors are also suggesting that Apple may bring Bluetooth headphones this year.

Hardware & Waterproof: – Company is already testing some models with waterproof as well as dustproof features. So the chances are high that we may see iPhone with waterproof along with dustproof features. Most probably the fruit company will bring two different models. The first model can have a regular 4.7 inch screen while the second model is expected to have 5.5 inch like the current model.

Display & Other Features: – The upcoming model can have a special built-in touch ID feature. It can have a unique OLED display which can give a fresh experience to the users. You may find that videos and games remarkably attractive. Some reports are claiming that the upcoming model can have wireless charging features and it will be thinner than its predecessor.

Structure: – The next iPhone model is expected to be manufactured with a special non-aluminum composite substance which will enhance the capability to keep the model safe from dust and water. However it is not clear so far that which substance company will this time. The two variants can have different RAMs. The first model is expected to have 2GB of RAM and the second can have 3GB of RAM.

So these are some important points which we may see this year. There are no specific inputs about the price but most probably company may not like to change the figures drastically in comparison to current model. iPhone 7 is undoubtedly going to be different from the current model. Company has changed the hardware and software sections. They have taken some new patents also. So we have to wait for some months to know more about it.

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