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Top 15 Free Online File Storage Web Sites

Free Online Data Storage SitesHi! On this page, I am representing the list of top free online storage sites. Top 15 Free Online File Storage Web Sites. Online Storage Sites are the best way to store, share and back up your important files. It is really a great way to store your important files on server in order to make fine security and prevention. If you having less usable important data (data which you not always using) in your computer then, upload it on online storage sites is the other best way as for your future need in order to make backup. This is the way to make your hard-disk data free. So, in order to take advantage of top free online storage sites, all you need is to create your free account there. The list of these top free online storage sites are –



Free Online Data Storage Site - AdriveProtect & manage your personal, business and enterprise-level data with ADrive cloud storage & backup solutions. It is offering up to 50GB free data storage for a 14-day trial as a cloud storage system that let you access files anywhere, share files, online edit documents and FTP file transfer.



Free Online Data Storage Site - Microsoft SkyDriveMicrosoft Live’s online file storage could possibly your best way (choice) for online storage. Why could be best? Due to it is from Microsoft, so it could be attractive solid. It offers 25 GB of free storage as access you storage anywhere and will be secure due to password protection features. It ties up with other Windows Live services as well.


Free Online Data Storage Site - 4SharedOnline file sharing and storage – 15 GB free web space and easy registration. It is best online storage where users can store their text, audio, video, photo, and other files and can share them to other peoples. File upload progressor, multiple file transfer and fast download.



Free Online Data Storage Site - BinfireKeep your projects on track with Binfire online project collaboration software, with web based project management software & tools like interactive whiteboard, PDF markup, group chat, Task & WBS, Gantt chart and more. Try Now! It offers a free 10 GB online storage space for all your files, which can accessed from a intuitive web interface. Binfire also lets you create and share multiple folders with your friends and family. You can also send emails right from within the Binfire account.


Free Online Data Storage Site - OrbitFilesOrbitfiles offers you 6 GB of free online storage and lets you access your files from any location, share files and collaborate with friends and one more thing that if you want unlimited storage then, you need to pay only costs $5.



Free Online Data Storage Site - BoxBox offers secure, scalable content-sharing that both users and IT love and adopt. Box was founded on a simple, powerful idea: people should be able to access and share their content from anywhere. It offers 5 GB free online storage.


Free Online Data Storage Site - IDriveIDrive Online Backup is an industry-leading solution for online backup for PCs, Macs and Smart Phones including iPhones, Blackberries and Android based Phones. Like all its competitors, IDrive offers 2GB free storage for users to evaluate the service.



Free Online Data Storage Site - FreeDriveThis is a personal storage and file sharing site geared for members of social networks including Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. It offers 1GB of free online storage and allows you to access your files and your friends’ files as a social network.


Free Online Data Storage Site - FileDenFileDen offers both free and paid account for storing your files. The free account of FileDen gives you 1GB of storage space, 50MB maximum file size limit, 50GB of monthly bandwith, and hotlinking of files.



Free Online Data Storage Site - FileQubeIt is an easy to use, feature packed file sharing service which is completely free. It allows you to upload up to 150 MB of file per upload and upgrade features enables you to upload up to 500MB.



Free Online Data Storage Site - FileGenieIt is web based file storage system that offers you to create free account for 20 MB. If you need more storage space then, you need is to upgrade to a paid account. FileGenie offers you to upload download and manage files online. You can access your files from any Internet connected PC.


Free Online Data Storage Site - HumyoIt offers you the facility of simple drag and drop file management system. It is a file management facility in the cloud as you can access your file anywhere through any PC or even your mobile phone. It also allows you to share files with your friends and family. So, now you can safe synchronize for business as work with colleagues and other teams to access and share files anywhere, anytime, from any device. Now, you can safe synchronize for home as get to your pictures, music, movies, and other important files from anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smart phone.


Free Online Data Storage Site - LiveDriveLivedrive is creating technology that will revolutionise the way people store and access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content. Livedrive vision is simple: don’t store files on your PC, store them on your Livedrive instead. Livedrive is your personal storage space on the Internet. It’s unlimited, it’s secure and it’s there forever. It is really a great site for online storage.


Free Online Data Storage Site - FlipDriveIt is your own virtual online storage space, where you will be able to store, access, share, and backup all your data. Securely store your files, contacts, photo albums, favorite sites, calendar, and other information on FlipDrive. Protect your data from computer crashes and viruses. FlipDrive also lets you share all your data and control who has access to it.


Free Online Data Storage Site - MyOtherDriveThis offers you some tools for managing and sharing your data online and allows you to private sharing of files to select group of people. It also lets you create photo albums as well as hotlinking to your social networking profiles. It is also best service from above services.

These above top fifteen online storage sites are best in order to prevent and secure your data…

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