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5 latest Auto Technologies That Make Cars More Fun to Drive

5 latest Auto Technologies That Make Cars More Fun to Drive

Car manufacturers have been introducing different kinds of technology to make their cars more efficient and safer to drive. These include the introduction of hybrids and full electric vehicles. Most of the hybrids and fuel-efficient vehicles however, have very small engines and less powerful electric power train. They tend to be much slower and less powerful than their gasoline powered counterparts. The result is slow cars that can prove very boring to drive, especially for people who love speed and burning rubber.

There a number of technological improvements that makes driving fun. Here are 5 of the latest Auto Technologies That Make Cars More Fun to Drive –

1. Direct Injection

This is a new way of improving fuel economy without sacrificing performance. Conventional engines taking air through natural aspiration. This means that air and fuel mix naturally before entering the engine’s combustion chamber. Through direct injection, fuel is compressed and injected directly into the combustion chamber. Through turbo charging, the same engine is able to take in more air resulting into a higher compression ratio and eventually more powerful performance without reduction in fuel efficiency. This is the technology behind Ford’s Eco boost technology. It makes it possible to achieve very powerful performance from small engines.

2. Cylinder Shut –off

Exchanging your powerful V8 engine for a straight four cylinder just because you want to save on fuel takes the fun away completely. However, with engine shut off technology, your V8 engine only fires in all 8 cylinders during the times when a lot of power is needs. This can be during acceleration or when overtaking. Once the engine detects that you are at cruising speed and very little power is required, it automatically shuts off the extra cylinders letting the car run only four cylinders. The result is improved fuel efficiency without taking away the powerful acceleration of your V8.

3. Programmable Dashboard

This is a new look dashboard in which the old Mechanical dials and gauges are completely replaced with LCD and LED screens that you can program to the look you desire. This means that you can customize the position and style of the dials, change languages, and switch between Miles per Hour and Kilometre per hour. This technology has already been implementing in the new Lexus IS F-Sport.

4. Drive by Wire

This is a new kind of steering system in which the mechanical steering link to the wheels is eliminated. The new steering systems works through sensors that detect any movement of the steering wheel, converts them into electrical signals, which are then transmitted to the systems responsible for turning the car’s front wheels. This eliminates all kinds of vibrations and unwanted steering wheel movements caused by the condition of the road. The system also allows you to set the degree of steering response you desire based on your driving style.

5. Infotainment System

Car manufacturers have also worked to introduce a more advanced car entertainment system that offers features almost equal to those on your smart phone. Modern infotainment system gives you access to the internet, and even allow you to synchronize apps and information on your phone.

These systems are designed to draw your attention from your smart phone once you are in the car. They offer all kinds of fun features including Internet radio. In an attempt to reduce driver distraction, these systems shut down some of the more distractive features once the car is in motion, some are also able to project images on the windscreen creating a heads-up display that ensures your eyes are not draw from the road.

It is very important to stick to safe driving always. These technologies simply make the experience a little more fun and convenient. At the end of the day, you need to ensure you stick to driver safety rules. This also will ensure you pass your DSA Theory Test to have a memorable ride.

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