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Top 7 Devices for Online Writers

Top 7 Devices for Online Writers

Here are seven devices that on online reader really needs. Most of them are obvious, but if you were looking to change your career then you would be a fool to ignore this list. When you start out your career as an online writer, you often forget some of your many tasks and required duties. It is not all just sitting at a computer churning out chunks of text. The list is in order of importance, with the first one being the most important.

1 – A desktop PC

Why not just a laptop you ask? For starters a desktop PC is more powerful and capable of a lot more than a laptop. But that is not the reason an online writer needs one. As a writer you will be sat staring at a screen for around 15 hours per day. It is going to inevitably damage your eyes, and this cannot be helped. However, you can slow the damage by alternating how far away your PC monitor is.

Sometimes you can sit with it two feet away, four, six, etc. A lot of the time, you will alter the distance between you and the screen through how you sit at your desk, and where you sit. With a laptop you cannot do this because your hands always have to be on the keyboard, which is attached to the screen.

2 – Laptop

Why a laptop if you have a desktop computer? Being an online writer is a very lonely job and a very time consuming job. If you want to leave the confines of your home then you are going to have to buy a laptop. It also has other perks such as enabling to you work whilst traveling, or allowing you quick access to your work and the Internet if you are not at home. They are also good for if you need to stay around another person’s house, but still need to do a little bit of work.

3 – Digital camera/Video Camera

Images are valuable if you are an online writer. They are the icing on the cake. If you are willing to add photo images into the text that you sell, you will find a lot more buyers. Plus there are thousands of ways in which you can make photo images fit the text you have just written, including setting up little scenarios to photograph.

4 – A mouse with a wheel

There are a million and one uses for a mouse with a wheel when you are on a desktop computer. The only reason that it is not point number three is because images can increase your actual earnings whereas a mouse with a mouse wheel cannot. Try using it to zoom in and out of your document pages or web pages. If you are trying to slow the damage to your eyes, then zooming into text will allow you to move your PC monitor further away. Try the mouse wheel alone, or try holding the CTRL button down and using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

5 – Writing / drawling pads

You may need to add cartoons or visual drawings to some of your online writing. It is sometimes easier to draw chemical chains or physics equations than it is to write them with a computer. You can also do things such as mind maps with an electronic drawing/writing pad and electronic pen.

6 – A Smartphone

A smart phone will be able to use apps that will help you to do your job. They are also phones (how about that) which means you can talk to clients. You can also take notes and edit documents whilst traveling if you use a Smartphone.

7 – An audio memo recorder

Every now and again you are going to have a great idea and will not be in a position to use it. You will need to get it down as soon as you can, but sometimes it is impossible to write down all your thoughts as they occur. This is why you need small digital recorder. You can use it to take note of your new ideas, and to hold your memos/to-do lists.

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