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Create 3D Glasses Using Items From Your Junk Drawer

Create 3D Glasses From Junk Drawer

3D movies add an extra element of excitement to a film by making the audience feel as though they are right in the middle of the action. The 3D effect has proven to be a huge hit with fans of blockbuster movies such as Avatar and The Hobbit. The 3D revolution has even extended to our own homes with 3D TVs, laptops and phones becoming increasingly popular. Some of the new technology does not even require the use of glasses to give a 3D effect. However, watching movies that use the red/blue shift method requires a pair of 3D glasses. These can easily be created from materials that you most likely already have lying around the house.

Prepare Your Frames

Start by checking what materials you have available to make the frame for your glasses. If you have some thick cardboard, you can download a template for the glasses from many sites including NASA. Trace around the stencils onto the card. Cut out the shapes so you can assemble them using glue or sticky tape. If you have an old pair of glasses that you no longer wear, pop the lenses out of them to add your own colored lenses. Alternatively, a pair of swimming goggles or even a clear CD case will make an effective frame.

Create Your Colored Lenses

You can purchase colored acetate paper from craft stores or theatre supply shops, or simply buy clear acetate paper and color it in using blue and red markers. Place your cardboard or old pair of glasses onto the acetate sheet. Trace around the inside of the holes to get the correct shape for your lenses before cutting out the circles leaving a centimeter space all the way around. This will be the part that sticks to the frame. Attach the lenses to the glasses using clear sticky tape being careful not to get any tape on the part of the lens you will be looking through. Attach the blue lens to the right eye and the red lens to the left.

If you are using swimming goggles, color in each lens using the magic markers to create instant 3D glasses. For a CD case, draw two squares onto the clear front cover of the case using the markers at precisely the same distance apart as your eyes. You can then hold the CD cover up in front of your face to enjoy your favorite 3D content. YouTube has many videos that can be downloaded using YTD and then watched later for those that don’t have an internet connection in their home. Create some 3D glasses for your kids and present them along with a 3D videos. This combination is a great way to keep them quiet and occupied during long car journeys.

3D technology is definitely here to stay with technology manufacturers spending millions on creating state-of-the-art gadgets that can bring the new 3D movies to life. Creating your own glasses at home is much easier than breaking the bank to purchase the latest new TV set or laptop. Your movies will look just as incredible for only a fraction of the price.

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