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Top 5 Android Cleanup Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Top 5 Android Cleanup Apps for Smartphones and TabletsTop 5 Android Cleanup Apps for Smartphones and Tablets. Among modern devices such as tablets and Smartphones, the most popular operating system is undoubtedly an Android.It is used by the top tablet and smartphone manufacturers such as LG and Samsung among others. However, since it’s an operating system, it requires a cleanup just like other operating systems.

If you find your Android device speed to have dropped down considerably, it’s an indication that your smartphone or tablet needs a cleanup. With a cleanup, you can clear up your device memory place, delete all the unimportant files, increase your device’s speed, as well as, improve its effectiveness. Given below are five apps that can clean up an Android phone.

Contacts Cleanup

This app helps format all your contacts in your Android phone. It helps you format contacts from different sources and adds the codes as well as the country codes to the contact numbers. ‘Contacts Cleanup’ converts all the contacts into a clickable format by making use of Google Voice extension in Chrome. But there may be events of duplication as the app is not equipped to delete duplicate entries. People having a lot of contact entries in their Android phone can use this cleanup app.

Startup Manager

iMobLife, a reputed iPhone app development company, has now forayed into the Android app circuit and has come up with ‘Startup Manager’, which allows you to decide what apps and operations start at the time of system startup and login. Thus, if you are not willing to start any particular application along with system startup, just ‘uncheck’ it from the startup items list, which is provided by this app. To restore any application on the list, you just need to ‘recheck’. If you want, you can also ‘add’ extra items, which you wish to start during the system startup. It’s a completely customizable option.

App Cache Cleaner

This particular app can clear up all your app cache files from your Android smartphone or tablet. With the use of it, the internal memory of the smartphone is set free and that improves the speed and functioning of the device. It has many options including ‘auto cleanup’ after consistent intervals, ‘automatic exit’ after cleanup, ‘cleaning cache’ of particular apps as well as automatic cleanup when it’s opened.

1-Click Cleaner

This is a cleaning app for Android devices. With just a single click, the app cleans up the smartphone memory and removes all the unimportant files, browsing history, sms, calling history and other files that are not required in the device but are taking space and reducing the device’s speed.

History Eraser Pro

It is an app that can clear up many items in Android devices. ‘History Eraser Pro’ is easy to use and clears out Call Logs, Google Maps, Clipboard Data, Gmail Search History, Google Search History, Market Search History, Browser History, and even all the app cache files.

These are the five most popular apps to cleanup your Android device. So, whenever you find Android powered tablet or smartphone slowing down, use these apps for efficient functionality of your device.


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