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New Apple 6S Plus A1634 SIM-Free mobile review

Apple 6S Plus A1634 SIM-Free mobile

Apple iPhone 6S is the most sought term on Google again and I couldn’t avoid testing the new telephone for one more year. As you most likely knew, I’ve never utilized an iPhone for more than a couple of weeks in light of the fact that I was dependably a no-nonsense Android client. Indeed, even it is the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 Plus, I generally sold it to return to my Android telephone.


Could the new iPhone 6S Plus turn into my every day driver? We should make sense of in the audit. My audit unit is the iPhone A1634 sans sim opened rendition that was discharged a couple of weeks after the fact on Apple Store.




You can’t separate the iPhone 6S Plus from the old iPhone 6 Plus by simply taking a gander at the gadgets. Both game the same outline with a metal consistent unibody, bended edges, 5.5″ screen and a distending camera.


Having said that, there are a couple of minor changes on the new era. There is a “S” on the back of the new iPhone. Moreover, Apple included the new Rose Gold shading this year furthermore end Gold alternative for the more seasoned iPhone 6. In this way, on the off chance that you stroll to an Apple Store and need a Rose Gold or Gold iPhone, you will need to purchase the new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.


The iPhone 6S Plus is greater than its ancestor yet nobody can see the change in light of the fact that it is only 0.01″ greater in stature, width and thickness. In any case, we need to give up the additional weight for the new elements like 3D Touch show and the more grounded 7000 Series aluminum amalgam.


Interface and User Experience


On the off chance that you utilized your old iPhone running on iOS 8 or moved up to iOS 9, you can get used to the iPhone 6S quickly. There are entirely redesigns in the engine however most clients won’t have the capacity to understand the progressions.


On the other hand, I’d acknowledge more if Apple could outfit the telephone with quick charging and remote charging innovation. I discovered those elements greatly accommodating when I utilized my Samsung telephone. A full charge from 10% regularly takes around 3 hours on iPhone while there’s nothing more needed than over an hour on new Samsung telephone.

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