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Technologically Smart: How to Use your Gadgets Right?

Technologically Smart How to Use your Gadgets Right

In an age where technology grows and evolve by every second; people rely more on their smart phones than their smart or not so smart brains. When gadgets decide whether you should take a turn or go straight and the amount of time a person spends more with their advanced gadgets exceeds from the time spent with one’s family, a crucial need to examine whether this extensive use of gadgets is productive or not. There are many ways you can keep yourself busy with access to World Wide Web and a smart gadget that fully supports all that you need, just a few clicks and touch away. However, there is no rule book one should stick to use their gadgets, but if you’re willing to use numerous gadgets insolently then here are some tips.

  1. Grow your Intellectual capacity:

Anything that passes from your sight has the ability to leave an impression on your memory; it either increases or decreases your intellectual capacity. If we were to analyze our time spent with gadgets on a daily basis, it would definitely exceed the amount spent with books or mediums which can help in nourishing our brains. We understand how these gadgets shape our everyday lives but are they actually helping us or seizing our personal mental and intellectual capacity? Your gadget may be smart but it wouldn’t tell you whether what you’re doing with it is right, so make some smart choices, before you just mindlessly surf the internet. Students specifically, suffer more from not using their gadgets productively. They realize how these gadgets can serve as a portal to success, both academically and personally. There are countless websites and apps that would help you with just what you need; all you require is search extensively.

  1. Is there an app for that?

The inevitable question of the smart generation sounds more like we are all under the influence that everything in life comes with an app. This may be true but how many apps are there on your phone or other gadgets which are actually making your simpler, rather than just cool or fun. There is various undiscovered app that are actually designed for you to make things simpler and less time consuming. For example: students with loans to repay can manage their entire loan portfolio through an app made just to keep you sheltered from the worries of managing your monthly loan account. You can keep records and figures with you at any time through Similarly, there are various other apps actually meant to serve their core purpose of simplifying things and not just give you more options to waste your time.

  1. Be a smart spender:

With gadgets our purchasing behavior graph has risen up; accept it or not, they have somehow take control of our bank accounts and made us impassive buyers. We are living in a time when everything is available just a click away; with the ease of buying and selling there comes some cons too. Every time user enters this luring world of web they either end up buying something they don’t need or at least make some purchasing decisions which leads to frustration when not executed. You know what you necessarily need and what might only cost you money and might lead you further bad decisions. The younger generation invests huge amounts of their money in more gadgets, which they might not necessarily need or can be replaced by something that would actually be helpful.

  1. You are smarter than your phone:

You have a brain that functions way smartly than the gadgets you own. With the technological advancements every millisecond, we are experiencing a decrease in people themselves being reliable than machines. These gadgets indeed are made to make our lives easier but there are many instances they are taking more than what they give—time, money and our own ability to think. There are several instances where people take out their phones to get answers for the simplest of questions. At a young age when your brain should be answering most of the questions to keep it functioning better, the job is now done by Google. Google and other search engines have replaced the probability of producing intellectuals.

Gadgets are a part of our technologically molded lives, and we have to live with them. There are ways to use them, you either exploit them through mind-numbing use or make them work to serve a bigger, dynamic purpose.

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