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Float – iPhone Game Review

Float - iPhone Game ReviewFloat is an addictive, fun and colourful game that will keep people of all ages, young and old entertained for hours.

The aim is simple, to keep the falling balloons floating, and stop them from touching the spikes at the bottom of the screen. This is achieved by tapping the balloons, each time gaining points. There is a bonus line, which gains you more points if the balloon goes below it and you tap it up, however this is a tempting line which could end your game if you let the balloon go too far and hit the spikes.

There are multiple game modes, and three more game modes have arrived for free thanks to an update, making the game play even more enjoyable. Even the menu screen is interactive, which could be a game mode in itself, trying the keep the Float balloons from popping.

However one niggle is the lack of instruction on the game modes, sometimes leaving you unsure of how you achieve points other than tapping the balloons. Leaderboards and achievements are also part of the game, though it does lack a local leaderboard and GameCenter.

In terms of quality, the game is top notch with colourful high resolution graphics, navigation is slick and overall the game feels smooth and worth the price of only 59p or free with ads.

If you are looking for a simple, fun, entertaining and enjoyable game to take up your spare time, then this is it.

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