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Angry Birds – iPhone Game Review

Angry Birds - iPhone GameIts one of the best selling mobile games ever, and has become something of a classic.

The game revolves round the story of pigs stealing birds eggs, however the birds are not happy, pretty angry infact, hence the name of the game. The pigs are protected by randomly built structures and the aim is to destroy the pigs by firing the birds from a sling slot at the pigs.

It is original, and extremely addictive with many many levels, getting harder as the game goes on. There are different types of birds that you are able to fire at the pigs, some split into three, others are bombs and the birds have different destructive capabilities, velocities and tactics.

You have to complete the levels by killing all the pigs to advance through the game, with many achievements to unlock and more points mean a better rating. You can achieve more points by destroying more of the pigs’ structures.

The graphics are simple, but bright and colourful, game play is easy and makes full use of the iPhone touchscreen.

It is not hard to see why Angry Birds is a success and if you have not yet had a go, what are you waiting for?

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