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Lilracerz Pro Rally – iPhone Game Review

Lilracerz Pro Rally - iPhone GameLilracerz Pro Rally is a classic racing game with easy to use controls and fantastic game play.

The graphics are good and add to the game, giving it a retro arcade gaming look. But its the game play which makes this game great, totally enjoyable and even slightly addictive.

Racing against the other cars can have you on the edge, it can be tense and frustrating, coming first in the race is a big thing, and can even unlock new cars. Of course getting the best rank is always good in racing.

There are collectable coins, and a workshop allowing you to upgrade your car. There are also four different track environments to play on, including ice, so driving carefully but fast is essential. There are also crazy spectators who wander out into the track.

However there are a few performance issues, with the game sometimes lagging or hanging but we are hoping an update will fix that.

We would also like the ability to have multiple players, perhaps over WiFi, to make it even more on the edge fun.

This racing game is extremely enjoyable and one of our favourites, it will have you racing for hours.

Rating 4/5

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