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Falldown! – iPhone Game Review

Falldown! - iPhone Game ReviewFalldown! is one of the most addictive games on the iPhone.

It is a very simple game to play. Just tilt your phone from side to side to move the red ball, and fall down the gaps. The idea of the game is to get as far as possible down, going through the gaps, the further you fall down the more points you get.

If you are not fast enough, you will get squished at the top of the screen and that is game over.
As you keep falling, the levels change colour and get faster, to keep you on the edge, there are also bonuses on route including an extra 5 points, freeze and fast forward.

As said, it is very addictive, you will be going and going trying to beat your score, trying to fall further, and if you take a look at the global high scores, it is a tough challenge. If you are also playing with your friends or family, then trying to beat each others score will also have you going for hours.

So yes, download Falldown! For some crazy, fast action, addictive gaming. It is also free.

Rating: 5/5

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