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Apple iPad Review

Apple iPad ReviewThe iPad is Apple’s first tablet computing device and builds upon the success of its iOS platform for iPhone and iPod Touch. Essentially the iPad could be perceived as a large version of the iPod Touch, but bridging the gap between small devices and laptops. The iPad is the portable, lightweight, convenient computing and entertainment device.

The iPad is stylish and looks the part with its aluminium back and minimalist glass front. It keeps the same design queues as the iPhone and iPod Touch, except in a larger form factor. It is lightweight and easily portable, making it ideal to take most places. Trying to hold it and use it at the same time can be tricky on the first go (sometimes wish we had a third hand) and can take some time to get used to, especially if you’re used to laptops or iPhones.

It has a large 9.7 inch screen, it is bright and offers excellent clarity with a wide viewing angle. The capacitive touchscreen is a joy to use and is very precise. The tablet operates smoothly and fast, this could be due to the new Apple A4 processor which powers the device. Unfortunately there is no front facing camera, which means video chats are not possible, hopefully we will see this addition in the next version of the iPad. For connecting to the internet there is WiFi support and there is also a WiFi + 3G version.

The operating system is very easy to use, it is the same operating system as on the iPhone and iPod Touch, and if you have used either device, you will be right at home with the iPad.

From surfing the web, viewing photos or watching video, the iPad is simply great to use, and for those only use a computer for internet or emails, than this is an extremely viable option. For us though we see this at the moment as a coffee table device, sitting on your coffee table as a photo album, music player, video viewer, newspaper, etc.

Overall the iPad is a game changer from Apple and looks set to change the landscape of the computing industry, we look forward to the second version of this tablet.

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