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5000 Twitter employees are going to work from home for fear of corona virus

There’s currently a worldwide fear of the corona virus. That is also not untouched by many large institutions around the world. Microblogging site Twitter has now issued an order for its employees to work from home in different countries, in the latest development. In Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea, Twitter has ordered Work From Home to its personnel. In one of its blogs, Twitter wrote,’ We are encouraging our employees to work from home globally. Our aim is to prevent spread of COVID-19. According to Twitter’s order, around 5000 employees will be working from home.

TCS and HCL said:
Not only Twitter but also TCS and HCL ordered their staff to avoid unnecessary travel. Corona virus is on awe around the world these days. In India many cases of corona were reported.

MWC has been canceled:
Other countries have also become alerted to the rapid spread of the virus, and there are alerts about it including China. Not only this, many tech companies have opted out of the spanish Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020). The tech show was subsequently cancelled due to virus threat. Each year MWC takes place in Barcelona, Spain, in February. It is the world’s largest event in the telecoms sector. Many big and small businesses including sponsors have already announced that they will not be taking part in this event. Vodafone recently also said the company is monitoring reports relating to the Karona virus.

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