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iPhone XR is the most widely used iPhone in the world

Apple’s identity is associated with making premium iPhone mobile devices and each year the company brings new flagships. In 2019, Apple launched the iPhone 11 series, which has received great market response and is very much liked by the users. You’ll be surprised to know, though, that this is not the company’s most popular iPhone. The most popular iPhone in the world is the iPhone XR launched in 2018 and this has been proven once again in the reports.

The iPhone XR got the title of the best-selling smartphone worldwide in 2019. This was disclosed in a report published by Omdia, a research firm. Apple has sold around 4.63 crore iPhone XR units worldwide, the report says. Because of this record, the iPhone XR can be considered part of Apple’s new success story, since Apple had seen a decline in iPhone sales before that. Lots of research firms have said that the iPhone XR is the world’s most popular smartphone.

Sale increased due to price down:
Reports said Apple’s price cut on this model has also proved helpful to Bumper Sale and the company has shipped millions of units. Take India for example, its initial price at the time of launch in October 2018 was Rs 76,900. Following the launch of the new models, this Apple device received many offers and now the initial price of iPhone XR has gone up to Rs 53,900 without any official price cut. In such a situation buyers are considering this model and buying it.

iPhone 11 Second Position:
When the company launched the iPhone 11 series in September 2019, iPhone XR’s price was slashed by as much as Rs 49,900. There was an upsurge in the sales graph because of this. Speaking of iPhone 11, Apple’s new’ affordable’ iPhone has also become the world’s second best-selling smartphone. Reporting Omdia says Apple shipped 3.71 iPhone 11 crore units worldwide in 2019. Despite being launched only in September, buyers also liked this phone and Apple is back in a strong position after a weakening hold in the market.

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