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Google removes 600 harmful Android apps which display ads

Around 600 Android apps were removed from its platform by the Google Play Store. Those apps showed users malicious ads. This information Google provided through its blog post. The company also said, along with removing the apps, that it has banned all the Play Store apps that have been removed due to advertisements and policies. The increase in ad frauds is bound to appear in the way people adopt smartphones at a rapid pace.

Harmful ads are the ones, according to Google, that are shown differently to users. These are displayed such that users accidentally click on them. There is also interference to the device’s normal use. Per Bjorke, senior product manager at Google’s ad traffic quality, said in a blog post that this is intended to mislead users. That spoils the user experience. Users thus click on many such advertisements which can also cost money for users.

At the same time, the company is also considering introducing some new technology that will detect incorrect traffic generating apps including harmful ads. Let us know that the apps removed from the Google Play Store are made mainly by developers from China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. The name of these apps, however, and the developer’s name were not specified.

Google deleted ToTok: The company had removed the ToTok app from the Play Store earlier. A report by 9to5Google had reported Google removing this app from its Play Store. This app has been downloaded millions of times in the Middle east, Asia, Africa and North America, according to US officials.

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