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Via Google Search, anyone can join your private WhatsApp group

The answer to any question can be found on Google. A sudden question comes up in your mind and Google can’t answer that. There’s something beyond the questions Google searches provide. That may prove harmful to users of WhatsApp. A report states that Google indexes private links to groups in WhatsApp. This enables anyone to join those groups by searching Google. Google does make amendments to prohibit this, however.

Google is indexing the Invitation Links of WhatsApp Group Chats according to a report by Motherboard. However, we didn’t get the invite link in the result when we searched the site: chat.whatsapp.com on Google while it was writing the news. Motherboard’s team used the results of Google searches to find certain groups. He also had a group join, as a UN-recognized NGO, in which he had access to the phone numbers and names of all the users present in the group.

Reverse engineer Jane Wong of WhatsApp has stated that, in the above case, Google has 4,70,000 results. It contains invite links of WhatsApp groups. At the same time, this information was given by a user named Jordan Willden while tweeting on Twitter. He wrote that it is not so if you think your WhatsApp group is safe.

Google’s public search liaison Danny Sullivan has tweeted that a list of open web pages is made by others including Google. Any website provides for a public listing of URLs.

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