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These 4 New features will be available in Android 11

A lot of new features can be given in the next version of Google’s Android operating system as compared to the previous version. Google is launching every new operating system, with some features of user interest, as we have seen from the beginning. In such a situation, this time we can find some fun features with user interest in the next Android to be introduced in Google I / O 2020. These Android 11 features have recently been highlighted in the developers preview. Those features were spotted in the Google Pixel 4a series, according to a report from XDADevelopers. Come on, know those fun features.

  • This feature should have been rolled out earlier with Android 10, but can now be rolled out with Android 11. The messages coming into the user interface can be accessed via floating bubbles with the help of this Bubbles feature. This can be Google’s own messaging feature, making it easy to access messages that come in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging application.
  • This feature can be seen next to the notification, coming in Android 11. There will be two tabs in the messaging app, notifications and conversions, in which you can see your required notifications in one tab while the conversion through your message can be seen in another tab. The Convergence tab lists messages from any social media or instant messaging app.
  • Android 11 users just like iOS can get much better app permissions feature. Google has made app permissions better than all previous versions of Android in Android 10, introduced last year. App permissions can be made even better in this new operating system, so that personal information about users can not be accessed via cameras, microphones and location data.
  • Google rolled this feature out in Android 10’s beta which wasn’t seen until later in the final version. Now you can see that feature in Android 11. This feature can be seen however in the OxygenOS of OnePlus.

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