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Athlete faced serious illness, Apple Watch saved lives

People are turning more to smartwatches than ordinary watchers these days. One reason for this is that smartwatches act like a personal assistant to our safety. Career of an American athlete has been preserved recently because of Apple Watch. Apple Watch rescued Teen Athlete Skyler Joslin of Oklahoma as his heart rate was rapidly rising. Apple Watch immediately sent a notification to Joseline which saved her life.

Athlete bought a new Apple smartwatch, just two weeks ago, according to an AppleInsider post. Watch immediately sent out a message of a quick heart beat when he was sitting in his class. At that time the heart rate for Skyler Joslin was 190 bpm (minutes on beats). The user immediately sent his mother a screenshot and wrote, “It’s incorrect.” Athlete’s mother immediately took her son to hospital, where by the time he arrived his heart rate rose to 280 bpm.

On review, it was found that he suffered from a disease called supraventricular tachycardia, in which heart beat accelerated rapidly and slowly weakened his core. Following 8 hours of surgery, the doctors managed to bring his heart beat back to normal.

Athlete’s mother said, “If my son didn’t have Apple Watch, we wouldn’t have known about it.” Let me remind you that many such cases came up earlier, too, when Apple Watch saved users ‘ lives. An American doctor has recently been diagnosed with abnormal heart rate because of Apple Watch.

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