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Moto Razr, display separate from top lamination

In iFixit’s teardown, the foldable Motorola Razr smartphone has received a score of 1 out of 10, which means that fixing this device is nothing short of a challenge. The hinge mechanism of this phone also proved to be poor in the durability test carried out earlier this month. It does not seem that this Motorola device’s difficulties will soon be reduced because a tech publication has now made a new claim about the phone’s weak screen. The phone appears to suffer a large display damage in the photos shared in the report, and the screen in the hinge area is separated from the lamination.

A report was prepared by Input after using the Moto Razr for about a week, in which this phone-related flaw was revealed. About the smartphone display from the website, it has been said that the foldable phone’s OLED display has started to collapse, and some images have been published as well. In these images it can be clearly seen that the top lamination layer is isolated from the OLED layer below, in the hinge region from which the unit folds. Because of this, there has been a big air gap between the two and this has also influenced the touch-sensitivity.

The study said the panel was uprooted from one end of the hinge to the other and a screen protector seems to have been poorly mounted. The size of this damage has been said to be increasing with the phone folding and unfolding. Publication says this was not because of any external damage such as scratch or force. The folding part of the panel has gone down and is completely separated from the top lamination. Touch-inputs on this part of the display can not be given in such a situation, and it has become non-responsive. Due to this, the display pixels also get affected.

It’s not yet clear what has caused the phone harm. Publication believes temperature changes can also have an impact on that. Motorola has not yet officially said so. One thing is clear, though, that foldable smartphones, priced at about $1,500, have come onto the market as hardware that needs to be better than normal and midrange devices and need extra attention. Let us tell you that such devices have proven weak in terms of strength, even in durability tests.

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