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Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen shots with latest Android Marshmallow updates

Screenshots of Android 6.0 Marshmallow running on the Samsung Galaxy S6 have seemed on the web. The screen snaps uncover a somewhat upgraded Touch Wiz UI, which includes more white space. From the present clump of screenshots, the setting switches in the warning board demonstrate the most significant change. They’re currently on a dim foundation and are hued in blue.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen shots with latest Android Marshmallow updates

There’s no new data for the arrival of the upgrade. An affirmed Samsung Marshmallow overhaul guide proposes the Galaxy S6 will see the Android 6.0 upgrade some time one month from now nearby the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was upgraded for only one fortunate proprietor in the not so distant past, as well. Samsung allegedly plans to issue the upgrade for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ this month. A few weeks back we saw screenshots of what was purportedly Android 6.0 Marshmallow running on a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5. Given the significant interface changes found in those screenshots, we were not precisely completely accepting of the way that that was a genuine test fabricate and not a fake.

All things considered, it appears Samsung most likely is wanting to roll out a couple of improvements to what Touch Wiz looks like on Marshmallow, as comparable screenshots of an Android 6.0 form running on a Galaxy S6 have seemed on the web.

The most remarkable change in the interface on Marshmallow appears to come in the snappy switches board in the notice shade, with the flips now blue in shading and looking sleeker. Samsung has likewise changed the foundation of the speedy switches board to white, which was additionally the case with the consistent status bar on the Note 5 screenshots.

The recent didn’t precisely look so pleasant in the already spilled pictures, yet we’re speculating that won’t be the situation when we see it on a genuine gadget. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t appear to be changing the symbols for its applications, yet we can simply trust the organization will get around to doing that with the Galaxy S7.

On the off chance that these pictures are to be trusted, the Galaxy S6 may likewise acquire screen rate control in the camera’s Pro mode, an element we had anticipated that would see with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. They additionally recommend that Samsung is working diligently on putting Android 6.0 on all its 2015 leaders as fast as possible, furthermore on its first class handsets from a year ago.

Look at Marshmallow on the S6 in the pictures underneath, and let us comprehend what you think about the visual touches Samsung has added to the product.

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