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Chinese Government has introduced a close contact app, which will help avoid Corona

To address the Corona virus, the Chinese government has launched an app that allows people to avoid contact with the corona virus. It’s called the Close Contact app. This app sends people alerts about the Coraona virus due to close contact. So that people can be protected against the virus. In China today, because of the corona virus, the situation is very serious, yet thousands of people have fallen victim to this virus.

The National Health Commission of China and China Electronics Group Corporations have created the app. The National Health Commission of China reported that this app also enables people to scan QR codes for mobile apps such as Alipay, WeChat and QQ. Users can find out with their name and ID number whether they have come into contact with an infected person at a common location, such as office, classroom, train or flight.

After China, the threat of corona virus spread throughout the world is also having an impact on the technology industry. Due to this virus MWC 2020, the largest technology event in the world to be held in Barcelona, has also had to be cancelled. The MWC (Mobile World Congress) event was scheduled to take place from 24 February to 27 February. In fact, due to the threat of coronavirus, several large companies refused to attend this event, after which the GSM Association decided to cancel this year’s event.

Industry experts believe that supplies from China may come to a complete halt in the coming times. Supply of the components of the smartphone, i.e. the parts of the phone, is slow at present, which can be stopped for some time in the coming time. As a result, the price of the phone components can increase, which will directly affect the price of the phone. The price of smartphones in India may therefore also increase.

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