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Black business of arms and drugs, new based on internet

Now the Internet is becoming the hub of the black arms and drugs business. For this the cyber criminal uses the dark web. It has become a favored haunt of cybercrime criminals. A case regarding the Dark Web has recently come to light in Lucknow. Cyber criminals had run a global drug racket worth crores of rupees in this. These cybercriminals have given the police 12,000 psychotropic tablets. Those tablets have been sold as medicines and fitness supplements on the dark web. So let’s know in detail what the dark web is like, and how it works.

The dark web may also be termed the Internet’s underworld. Here you can easily find lethal weapons, credit card / debit card details of people, email addresses, phone numbers of people, drugs, fake currency and other things. All these things come at a very low price here. It’s actually a very small part of the internet we use. People have no access to large sections of the internet and this is called the dark web.

Many cyber security firms have stated in their report that for a few thousand rupees, your personal details will be made available on the dark web. These details include passwords for your social media accounts, bank details and credit cards information. Hackers breach and sell sensitive information about ordinary people and corporates in the dark web. It is a huge hacker hangout.

The Dark Web is truly an American product. It was built by the US Army for espionage. It was created so government spies could anonymously carry information. Its purpose was to spy on other countries. At the same time, the majority of people in the dark web who sell drugs or other things are abroad. They deliver things to people by way of couriers or their agents upon payment. The dark Web is an Internet section where the user’s identity remains secret. These are accessed through browsers like Tor or Onion.

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