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Microsoft’s foldable phone rotates 360°

Smartphone makers from Samsung Galaxy Fold to Huawei Mate X are focusing on foldable phones these days. Samsung will be bringing in its second foldable device. At the same time, Microsoft’s giant technology company isn’t behind in this matter either. Microsoft launched last year’s foldable Surface Duo phone in October. Yet this phone’s news has also cooled down with the event. But, that smartphone is in discussion again now. A YouTube user (Israel Rodriguez) recently uploaded a video of this phone. A person is viewed using this Microsoft phone in this video.

Please note that Microsoft launched this phone in the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X competition, but since then two more phones-Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip-have also been added to its competitor list.

The firm has not officially announced features for the Microsoft Surface Duo. It does, however, get a 5.60-inch primary display and an equally large secondary display, according to reports. This two-screen handset turns like a book from the middle. It becomes a single-screen smartphone and becomes an 8.3-inch tablet if unfolded. You can rotate your phone up to 360 degrees.

Microsoft Surface Duo will work on the operating system running Android. Microsoft said all Android apps are going to work in it and the company is working with Google on apps running dual screen setup.

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