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Android’s ‘ most dangerous ‘ software, and many malicious apps on the play store

The majority of cases relating to scam app attacks are seen on Android smartphone users. It has been seen that users ‘ privacy, from personal details to bank accounts, is shared almost every other day with the aid of Play Store apps. Now this has been confirmed after a research and the data revealed that the attacks on Android OS in the last couple of times have increased rapidly. Research by the mobile monetization firm Upstream of London has revealed new details. The Secure-D fraud report states that the number of malicious apps found in Android smartphones and tablets has been rising rapidly. In 2018, 63,000 malicious apps had been detected in the Android platform in the same report, while in 2019 the figure rose to 98,000 last year.

Upstream has confirmed that this data was gathered from around 43 million Android devices associated with thousands of malicious apps. 75 to 85 per cent of smartphone sales worldwide are Android smartphones and have become the world’s most popular mobile platform. Upstream says this is why Android has become the’ most dangerous’ operating system due to open nature, and remains the attackers ‘ favorite platform.

With so many malicious apps on the Play Store, keeping its devices and data safe is no less a challenge for users. Security researchers say that downloading new apps from the Google Play Store is sensible, even after this. The application is scanned through the Google Play Protect service, and it keeps filtering with its platform. Research, however, says 32 per cent of the 2019 blocked malicious apps are still available on the Play Store.

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